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Look for details about October 12 & 13, 2024 October 7 & 8, 2023, Delhi, NY

2022 Workshops


Lifestyle Workshops


Herbalism 101-How to use Herbal Medicine -Arielle Hayat

Unity Blooms -Studio 190 Group Art

Butchering Basics -Andersen Morse — Location TBD

“Plant Entheogen’s: Dreaming the Future we want to See” -Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower

Weed Walk Plant Entheogen’s -Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower

Cannabis in NY State: Not your Father's Weed -Joann and Michael Kudrewicz Ravens View Genetics

Happy Hour Mixology - Rock Valley Spirits - Fall Cocktail Workshop


Growing Marijuana - Why Genetics Matter -Joann and Michael Kudrewicz Ravens View Genetics

Sashiko Embroidery & Mending Workshop -Megan Avery -Hipstitch Academy

What’s in a Name? -Alix Brown The Name Mentor

Holiday Tarts and Pies Oh My! -Chef Jerry Pellegrino -Strickland Hollow

Understanding Crystals -Christine Hansen

All Workshops meet on the Third Floor of the Barn or Just outside

Lifestyle Workshop & Activities Descriptions


Unity Blooms -Studio 190
Make and take unity blooms are fun and fabulous. Using recycled materials make a fantastical flora to take home. 

Intro to Herbal Medicine 101- Arielle Hayat 
This class is for those who want an introduction to using herbs as medicine. Have you ever wondered what exactly is Herbalism and why it’s important? This class is for those that want a beginners course for how to approach, use, and even harvest herbs ethically and with respect for their tradition. It is for those that want to learn the different forms of herbal medicine and how to make them. We will learn how herbalists prepare infusions and decoctions, and why this is different and more powerful than a “tea”. We will discuss their proper dosage, smudging sacred plants, topical salves, and aroma therapies and more.

Butchering Basics -Andersen Morse
Andersen will demonstrate the full breakdown of the beef chuck primal. Showing case cutting of steaks and roasts, cooking techniques for muscle types, tools and safety and answer your questions about butchery and meat. Beef provided by Slope Farm. Andersen Morse is a Catskill native from Margaretville. He trained in Brooklyn as an artisanal butcher and has worked professionally in New York City and Denver, CO. He has worked in butchery education and professional training as well as public classes. Andersen Morse was given a Zagat Award for his work in the culinary field for New York City. Andersen Morse now resides in Delhi.

“Plant Entheogen’s: Dreaming the Future we want to See” -Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower
Magickal plants may help us develop a more ecological relational future; to imagine and manifest. Some engendering altered states and dreaming. Who are they? Where are they? And why now? Marguerite will have items that may not be available to us in the landscape at this time of year, such as 3rd eye oil, white pine dew or lady's mantle dew, a containment powder for protection, white pine ink. Class is Free or $10.00 if you are interested in the above recipes and one of the above items.

Plant ID Walk Plant Entheogen’s -Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower 
Identify plants with entheogenic qualities and how they can guide us. Traditional stories and experiences of the teacher will be shared. Class is Free. Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower - Clinical Herbalist of 25 + yrs., is a Plant and Tree Investigative Interpreter, a Multi-Potentialite & a NYS Registered Nurse. She believes humans must embody their relationship with the living landscape, resurrect their senses with this magickal realm and reclaim their eco-centered life. She has stopped teaching plant medicine courses and foraging classes to make that dream come true. She offers: a training program in Cultivating Cognitive Agility with Plant and Tree Allies (basically, how we can communicate with the plant and tree realm); leads Radical Wild-Crafting walks for Whole Wellness and hosts bi-monthly free Sacred Land Healings and Acknowledgement. To get the training, join her free monthly Cultivating Circle and or Land Healings; know your land in a different way, contact her: www.PlantPioneers.org or 3moonsisters@gmail.com or 607-437-1218.

Cannabis in NY State: Not your Father's Weed -Joann and Michael Kudrewicz 
Meet the founders of Ravens View Genetics, a NYS licensed adult-use Cannabis Cultivation facility, operating just down the road in Delhi!  Learn about the in's and out's of cultivation in this newly licensed legal market, and how a focus on applied plant science in the cultivation process  leads to a 'whole plant' profile that leads to a more curated and nuanced experience.

Happy Hour Mixology - Rock Valley Spirits
Fall Cocktail Wokshop - Cozy up for the season with this guide to making Fall Cocktails in the Catskills. Learn easy ways to up your cocktail game, find the best local ingredients, and incorporate foraged flavors into your next festive libation.


Growing Marijuana - Why Genetics Matter -Joann and Michael Kudrewicz
Michael Kudrewicz , Lead Cultivator at Ravens View Genetics, a NYS licensed adult-use Cannabis Cultivation Facility, will share why he chooses to specialize in the cultivation of various rare Landrace strains of cannabis as well as the breeding of pure, heirloom seed genetics. Learn how the unique RVG business vision will lead a movement to protect biodiversity, preserve Landrace cannabis varietals, and create heirloom strains, and why this is important to the end user, both connoisseur and novice.

Sashiko Embroidery & Mending Workshop -Megan Avery -Hipstitch Academy
Learn easy Sashiko hand stitching techniques used for mending clothing. Each student will be provided a denim patch, needle & thread, as well as instruction to create their very own design. Each participant will be take home a Sashiko patch that can be used to mend their own clothing.  
Megan has been teaching sewing and encouraging people to make their own clothing for over 20 years. She strives to help people embrace alternatives to fast fashion by teaching them how to sew, encouraging folks to buy second hand, as well as mending & altering clothes. She teaches weekly sewing classes for both adults & kids, as well as seasonal sewing retreats at her full equipped sewing studio in Harpersfield, NY. 

Holiday Tarts and Pies Oh My -Chef Jerry Pellegrino -Strickland Hollow Farm
Join Chef Pellegrino for inspiring ideas that aren’t half baked. Just in time for the holidays Chef shares some secrets, tips, and inspiration to get you ready to wow the relatives. Chef Pellegrino and his wife Erin offer cooking classes in their tasting room on 70 Main Street in Delhi. Check out their farm and distillery at www.stricklandhollow.com 

The Power of a Name: Alix Wilson-BrownThe Name Mentor
The Name Mentor: A journey to women’s empowerment that started with baby names. 

How the Name Mentor showed up helping women peacefully craft their babies’ perfect name, and stayed for the mothers along the way. Alix will have copies of her book for sale and offer signed copies. www.thenamementor.com

Curious about Crystals? -Christine Hansen Spirit Trading Company
Learn about using crystals and their healing benefits. Interact with different types of crystals and see how they align with each chakra. Workshop is free crystal kits are available for $22. Christine’s mission is to deliver empowering products and personal wellness experiences to your door. www.spirittradingcompany.com

*Maple Shade Farm Tours at 2pm *Saturday & Sunday
Learn about the history of the farm that hosts the festival. Settled in 1785 Maple Shade Farm is a storied farm in the area. Walk around the buildings and find out what was produced, how the farm has changed and some of the secrets it holds.

*Maple Shade Farm Wedding Tour 3 pm *Saturday & Sunday
Always dreamt of a destination wedding in the Catskills? Come find out about our amazing farm weddings. A farm tour, photos and vendor resources are part of your tour. See how easy it is to plan an upstate wedding. www.mapleshadefarmny.com  


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