Taste of the Catskills Festival

OCTOBER 10 & 11, 2020, Delhi, NY

open both days at 10am rain or shine!

Dear Taste of the Catskills Friends,

We are saddened to announce that we are forced to cancel Taste of the Catskills Festival in 2021. We have been planning to host the festival and have been working diligently toward that end. However, too many factors are working against us. As two local families that run small businesses, the Covid pandemic and resulting shutdowns have hit our businesses hard. Firm commitments from past sponsors and vendors, increased Covid cases, and staffing issues make the festival too big an undertaking and financial risk for us to move forward with confidence this year. We do not want to disappoint with a less than stellar event. Please keep Taste of the Catskills in your hearts and minds and look forward to joining us in 2022 as we begin planning for the best festival yet. Please stay safe and healthy. Kind regards from the Wilsons and Shaws.

2019 Horse Show

Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage

Saturday & Sunday, Noon and 2:30 shows

Jeff Wilson has worked with horseback riders all over the country to improve the horses they love. An active member of the horse community for over 35 years, Jeff writes columns for various horse publications, travels nationally promoting America’s Morgan horse, and trains and teaches horsemanship known as Cowboy Dressage in some of the largest equine expos in the country, While touring, Jeff and his Morgans have performed numerous military tribute shows to honor those who serve our country, as well as a brand new show: “Tribute to the Silver Screen Cowboys.” Jeff has provided, along with his Morgan stallion, Valiant, promotion for equestrian programs dedicated to resolving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including the prestigious NYC Veteran’s Day Parade.

Come see Jeff as he entertains with his unique brand of horsemanship, along with his fantastic Morgan stallion, Orion.

To learn more about Jeff Wilson and Cowboy Dressage, visit his website.


No Dogs, Please!

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